5 ways to quickly get subscribers to Instagram account

When you first start, it’s exciting to imagine how many followers you can have.

But now it’s very important not to give up and go for it because attracting the first 10,000 subscribers is the most difficult task.


Nobody knows who you are. You have to convince Instagram users that you have the page of a successful and influential brand.

How can you do this?

Follow the advice from this guide and the number of your followers will reach the cherished 10,000 in less than 6 months.

How to attract subscribers to Instagram

  1. Join mutual PR groups

Are you just learning how to attract subscribers? Then try this tactic. To get the first thousand follow-overs quickly, join mutual PR groups. Plus this method — you can find a group close to you on the subject.

Respond by reciprocity to anyone who gives you likes or signatures, then you will be able to gather the initial base of the Follow-Up rather quickly. But this will not be your target audience, at most — people interested in the subject.

Then why do you need it?

To build the trust of users who will be on your page for the first time. You have to admit that a half-empty profile with 30 subscribers does not motivate you to make a purchase.

However, remember, this strategy should be used with caution, and only in the first few weeks of promotion. There is no point in using it in the long term.

2. Ignore hashtag publication rules

Many experts and studies will tell you that it is worth using no more than 5–11 hashtags. Yes, they are right. But for beginners like you, that’s none of your business.

Use the power of hashtags to the full, because it is free and effective.

Don’t be afraid to add all 30 acceptable hashtags to one post (best in the first comment).

Make a list of topical keywords, save it on your phone, and copy it to save time.

And, of course, experiment. Try different hashtags, leave the most effective combinations.

The only expert advice that you really should stick to is not to use common hashtags. You just sink into a sea of other positions and are unlikely to attract potential customers with them.

3. Subscribe to competitors’ followers

If a person has already signed up for a brand, they are more likely to sign up for another one. Look for your competitors on the social network, while giving preference to smaller brands like you.

Examine their positions, see who leaves comments, who regularly put likes. Subscribe to these users and start communicating with them through likes, comments, directories. But do not turn into a spammer! It is not worth bothering users with advertising messages. They will not appreciate it.

4. Carry out lotteries

The draws are effective in attracting subscribers, especially if one of the conditions is a subscription to the organizer’s account.

To make as many people as possible aware of your initiative, tell them about it in specialized groups.

However, you should bear in mind that such promotion does not always attract the target audience. Some people just like to take it for free.

5. Use SMM Services

SMM service is one of the best ways to quickly advance in Instagram. As you remember, the hardest part is recruiting the first 10,000 subscribers. That’s where SMM services come in and help us.

Many services provide services to get a real live audience that will be active. There are quite many such sites, but I have always used the services of this one.

Once you have collected 10,000 followers, your promotion will go much faster and it will be easier to attract potential customers for your business.

The plus of this method is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money on advertising. If you use these services, you are guaranteed to have a new audience.

P.S. I apologise if there are any errors. This is my first article. I will improve my skills in the future. The link mentioned in the article is not an advertisement. I mentioned a resource that I personally use.




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